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My gear this morning: Nike’s iPhone 5 forearm band, Nike Featherlight cap, Nike+ Pegasus trail running shoes, Nike+ SportBand, Sony water resistant sports earphones and Polar Wearlink heart rate sensor. (Not in picture: Nike running tights, Nike Livestrong t-shirt, Nike low cut dry fit socks and Apple iPhone 5S) #justdoit #nopainnogain View on Path Continue reading

Hari Raya Wishes From Me and PROTON Design
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Hari Raya Wishes From Me and PROTON Design

We’re now at the last weekend of Ramadhan, about 4 days away from the biggest celebration in the Muslim calendar. Indeed the festive spirit is being felt and the usual signs evident all around. This year I’m opting out from the journey balik kampung and staying in the city to celebrate low key in a … Continue reading