Hari Raya wishes from PROTON Design

In this month of celebration we, PROTON Design, would like to wish everyone celebrating a blessed Eid Mubarak wherever you may be. Maaf zahir dan batin!


This year the message of our Eid video is based on cherishing life’s moments, appreciating the little things and celebrating what brings us together as family.

You can also use the link for YouTube by clicking on this: Ucapan Hari Raya 2016 dari PROTON Design or search: Ucapan Hari Raya Aidilfitri 2016 dari PROTON Design (HD).

Watch as we ‘freeze time’ to achieve the above 🙂

Take care and enjoy the festivities!


Hari Raya Wishes From Me and PROTON Design

Hari Raya Wishes From Me and PROTON Design

We’re now at the last weekend of Ramadhan, about 4 days away from the biggest celebration in the Muslim calendar. Indeed the festive spirit is being felt and the usual signs evident all around. This year I’m opting out from the journey balik kampung and staying in the city to celebrate low key in a classic metropolitan style. Every year on the first afternoon of Raya I would usually pay a visit to one of the malls nearby. I would be in full Raya garb so you can imagine the looks I get from the crowd. They must be very confused. Why is this Chinese bloke wearing full baju Melayu gear on the first day of Aidilfitri?! Hehe.

I’d like to take this opportunity to wish all readers of this blog, friends, family and business associates a great Eid Mubaraq. Enjoy your long weekend with visits to open houses, rekindling relationships, enjoying the food and for the kids, your duit raya!

I will leave you with a short video done by PROTON Design, a yearly thing we do to welcome Syawal. Take care, be safe and be happy!

A Hari Raya | Aidilfitri | Eid Mubarak Wish from Me to You

It’s that joyous time of the year again. A month of fasting, praying and doing our best to garner the blessings from Ramadhan has now ended. Syawal is here bringing with it forgiveness and renewal. A time for family and friends to be together, catching up with each other and enjoying the food.

Yes, the food. How can we forget the that 🙂 Here, the rendang, ketupat, lemang, etc will provide a non-stop onslaught for the tummy to face. And indeed it will bring smiles to those who have been craving for it. And probably result in a more frequent than usual visit to the WC. Fret not, I’m sure it’s all worth it.

I’d like to take this opportunity to wish all my friends from far and wide a happy and joyous celebration. Please accept my forgiveness for any wrong doings which I may have caused you, directly or indirectly. May you gain happiness and give forgiveness in this special time. Stay safe, be merry and enjoy the cool tidings!

The Default Nibblet

What’s that? I’m actually referring to the ephemerial Malaysian ‘delicacy’ whenever there’s a meeting or social get together. Yes folks, the ‘karipap’ (or curry puff) we all know and love!

I’m writing about this for no particular reason either than to entertain the perpetual question as to why we love this food so much. Some fundamental questions lie unanswered…

Is it a cake?
Is it really a delicacy?
Why is it always the default food served during meetings?
Who invented it anyway?!

There you have it peeps, some of the burning unanswered questions we’ve been asking ourselves for as long as we can remember. Honestly I do not have the answers and that’s not the purpose of this writing.

But if YOU have an inkling or thoughts on this seemingly trivial matter then do comment for I wish to know!

Gloomy Days In Japan

It’s still winter here in Japan and the surrounding environment is grey and dull. From Kansai to Nagoya the temperature is moderately cold; about 6 degrees all round. It actually snowed in Tokyo! I don’t know about others but the cold doesn’t really bother me much. It’s the drab exterior which brings me down, keeps me confined and doesn’t do much to my enthusiasm. Ever heard of ‘winter depression’?
So, without sounding depressing I offer you some images from my surroundings yesterday…
Today is a much, much better day! It’s clear & bright, albeit still chilly. Boarding the train again soon…

Starbucks ‘Unlisted’ Drink

I think it’s called ‘Affogato Espresso Caramel Frappucino’. The odd thing is that you won’t see it on the menu. But it tastes G O O D!!! Tried one on Monday night (because all the Toffee based Fraps were out) and it was something real different from the usual Frappucinos.

Ask for one at your nearest Starbucks!

Ramadhan For Everyone

As far as Ramadhan goes, to Muslims it is the time for reflection and repent with the aim of improving one’s devotion to Islam. It is a holy month where the nights are spent reaching out to God through prayers and grace.

Having said that, for individuals of other faiths it is also a time of significance. The reason are varied. I’m sure some find the few hours leading to the break of fast can be trying due to the massive jams. The rush to leave work early is becoming an annual affair whenever this month comes around. Pratically everywhere you go traffic gets really congested as people rush to get their food fix and go home before Maghrib. And I’m not only talking about Muslims! People from all walks of life, race & religious beliefs take time out to sample the delicious fairs available at the bazaars.

However you put it, Ramadhan is certainly a significant month for everyone. Everybody feels the impact of this month each year and I’m sure people also wait for it, enjoy it and will eventually feel its departure.

Ramadhan bazaar @ USJ Section 4 - Look at the crowd!
Ramadhan bazaar @ USJ Section 4 - Look at the crowd!