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Hari Raya Wishes From Me and PROTON Design

Hari Raya Wishes From Me and PROTON Design

We’re now at the last weekend of Ramadhan, about 4 days away from the biggest celebration in the Muslim calendar. Indeed the festive spirit is being felt and the usual signs evident all around. This year I’m opting out from the journey balik kampung and staying in the city to celebrate low key in a classic metropolitan style. Every year on the first afternoon of Raya I would usually pay a visit to one of the malls nearby. I would be in full Raya garb so you can imagine the looks I get from the crowd. They must be very confused. Why is this Chinese bloke wearing full baju Melayu gear on the first day of Aidilfitri?! Hehe.

I’d like to take this opportunity to wish all readers of this blog, friends, family and business associates a great Eid Mubaraq. Enjoy your long weekend with visits to open houses, rekindling relationships, enjoying the food and for the kids, your duit raya!

I will leave you with a short video done by PROTON Design, a yearly thing we do to welcome Syawal. Take care, be safe and be happy!

The Last Airbender

The Last Airbender trailer screen shot

A huge disappointment.

That’s the simplest way for me to describe the movie. I’ve been looking forward to it since I first saw the trailer a while back so after watching it yesterday I can firmly believe trailers can be so misleading 🙂

The movie suffers from poor acting; the characters (except for the baddies for some reason) are all wooden and emotionless. The seem to be reading straight from the scripts in front of them and have no ‘feeling’ for improvisation nor expression. I feel this to be the most disheartening from all the other flaws.

Then there’s the film editing. The transitioning between takes and scenes is kind of haphazard. I don’t know if this was done on purpose or if the director is just too inexperienced. Whatever it is, the results aren’t impressive. The end result is the movie feels ‘flat’ and a bit of a drag.

Luckily this movie has a saviour. And it comes in the form of the CG and special effects. This bit has its high points and practically detracts you away from the poor storyline. Effectively you just sit back and enjoy the eye candy. Period.

Therefore would I recommend anyone to watch this? If you’re really into the genre or have an affinity towards Aang (the Avatar) then by all means come and watch it. But if you’re gonna spend money on the tickets just to see what gives then may I suggest you opt out of it.

It really is quite a disappointment.