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One thought on “Azlan Othman shared an Instagram photo with you

  1. Dear Mr. Othman,

    A month ago i’ve sent you an invitation (connection) in with request, if you have any interest to hire a new member in your Design Division.
    Please consider this as a Plea, because since the very first opening of PROTON City (1983), i enshrined the idea to work as a Designer (or Mechanical Engineer). That’s why i study very hard and build some extra skills – mostly related with Engineering.

    Nowadays that idea become more shaped and close to achieve. I was working for SensorNITE Industrial and Sensata Technologies in Bulgaria, but now (since the beginning of this year) – i’m in Philippines, very close to the goal, so close to make my dream come true.
    It is really like unique for me to be in “Eastern part” of the World, not only because of my wife, but mostly because i’m obsessed by Eastern Philosophy and Culture.
    Even in Bulgaria, i was living my daily basis life, like i’m in East.

    Please, help me to start in PROTON and you’d never regret.
    I have very interesting ideas of automobiles (especially exterior, along with efficiency).
    In recent years i dig more in aerodynamics too. There i also achieve (proved) some ideas which i still don’t see in Automotive horizon.

    You can check my website:

    This is my prototype in scale 1:16
    For this model i had to create my own Aerodynamic Tunnel (2500 mm length, 500 mm turbine wheel, 11 000 m3/h thrust and speed up to 400 km/h (for scales 1:16), to test and prove this prototype’s Cx efficiency.
    It’s made of high-temperature polythene resin. It has more than 100 hours in testing.
    If you’d like pics of the Tunnel, please don’t hesitate to contact with me on:

    Have a lot to share!
    Petar Tenev, Bulgarian
    still in Philippines, only 2 hours from Kuala Lumpur by flight

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