The Power Of Red

A mean machine indeed.

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6 thoughts on “The Power Of Red

  1. azlano,
    ferrari always srikes me, yeah in my dream.
    modern days ferrari always have its innovative lines like the ferrari calfornia ,the 458 italia and the latest ff,
    but yet its evocative and classy.
    having red as a traditonal racing colour for ferrari, is proton will go black and yellow stripy chequered as its official road going sports model with r3 bespoke ?

  2. i have been with my lovely gen 2 for quite long, it serve me with a great fun.
    plannig a change to a neo, is there any exciting neo to come, cuz i like zip zap and zoom,

  3. the power of red yes, when the traffic police stopped me with his red flag. my gen2 is quite untameable,
    ‘dont hate me cause im beautiful, dont hate me cause im beautiful,,,,’

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