Have A Fiesta

Checking out the all new (for Malaysia at least) Ford Fiesta 1.6 Ti VCT.

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10 thoughts on “Have A Fiesta

  1. So what d’ya think? 😛

    I think it looks absolutely gorgeous! Glad to see ’em roaming ard on d streets, really much better than seeing d typical vios, city huhu. It also has specs dat can rly shame those greedy, arrogant UMW n H.Msia. More Msians shud get d Fiesta to teach them a lesson to give us more instead of tin kosong!

      1. i know azlano who are into sportier alloys low profile rubber with his wish.
        so your persona might up to a slight bit of attitude ??

  2. well talking about dynamism. many korean and some manufacurers now pushing harder its ok but sometimes its loosing the balance,propotion and the elegance part of the matter. while the germans keep it within a balance composition between modern dynamism and history. we can be very dynamic,ambitious and a touch quirkiness but within the rules and order (like alfa)because it should look excitingly and right.

  3. I had an opportunity to drive Hyundai i30 and for me..its really a nice car in term of dynamic handling and also quality. In fact it is on par or perhaps better than my Civic ES 2.0.
    Alo check out Fiesta in white. It marvelous and suit the vibrant young groups.

  4. azlano
    a few days ago i just happened to drive friends fiesta S. i found a few good points on fiesta
    1. it offers a very good driving position.
    2. good steering shape, feel and angle. and light at slow
    3. handing is sharp.
    4. gearchang is smooth
    5. good fuel consumption.

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