KLIMS 2010

The Kuala Lumpur International Motor Show is now on at Putra World Trade Centre and will end on 12th December. Have you visited? Try to avoid the peak times because it can be so crowded that you won’t be able to move let alone take pictures to fully appreciate the exhibits.

PROTON Design is out in full force this time round, showcasing not one but five designs, specifically 2 concepts and 3 show cars. Dubbed the Pahlawan Series it is a testament of our abilities to develop practical and emotive designs which illustrate our vision of the immediate future.

Do visit the PROTON booth and be part of our Styling Digital LIVE Studio. I’ll be there on and off so give me a holler should you see me!

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7 thoughts on “KLIMS 2010

  1. Ooo… got a Blackberry I see hehe. High five, fellow crackberrian haha!!

    At KLIMS this time around, Proton definitely in a better shape than it was back in 2006. Good job!!

    But KLIMS 2006 was somewhat more special to me… got ASIMO, Mercedes was there, Volvo, Ford, n some others. Don’t know why none appeared this time around…

    1. Yeap, I’m officially a Crackberry now πŸ™‚

      Did you visit KLIMS? I was there quite a few times to monitor and assist wherever I can.

      I was around too during KLIMS 2006 but wasn’t that much engaged with the activities. Hope you enjoyed this one.

      1. Is it the Torch? hehehehe πŸ˜›

        Haha, yea, I came on Awal Muharram day!! Very packed indeed, quite hard to get pics of car without interruption. But then again, I remembered I came to KLIMS 2006 on the last day and it was pretty packed too lol.

        There’s definitely a lot more to see at Proton this time around and I enjoyed them all πŸ™‚ Oh, can the production Persona R have that rear LED light tech on Tuah and Emas? πŸ˜€

        One gripe I had with KLIMS was as a student, I find it ridiculous that student price is not applicable on weekends and public holiday. It’s like they’re giving incentives for students to ponteng classes. Although I’m aware public uni are on holidays, most private colleges aren’t, and that’s a little unfair.

        Still got your Nexus One? Gingerbread is out for them πŸ˜€

  2. I’m using the awesome Bold 3. Quite happy with it actually.
    Persona R? What’s that? LOL
    Study hard, study smart and earn a good salary. Then the RM20 weekend tickets won’t be an issue! Life’s like that. Once you cross the tipping point, all will be well.

    For everyone’s info the only reason I’m using the Bold is because my lovely Nexus One was stolen about a week ago. Sigh. It was such a great device. For now I am grieving so have no intention of spending on expensive smartphones yet.

  3. azlano
    hi there,
    its been long i have not in. but from far i can feel the involvement of proton stylists in shaping the image of proton deserves a very high credit. i heard a lot of exciting to come in 2011.

    also the car will be more powerful i heard at the same time economical, wow!
    thats great.

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