The Hope In Us All

In life normally we would usually get one chance to get things right, to make things go our way. No doubt those chances invariably come and go, and it is up to us to capitalize on them should we choose to. That’s the key point; ‘should we choose to’. Like it or not, believe it or not, most of the time we choose not to. Why? I believe it’s the human condition. I find we usually are way too optimistic or way too scared. There’s no in-between. Strange don’t you think?

So how do we overcome this ‘condition’ you ask? I’m no expert (and this blog entry is nothing more than simple thoughts from a troubled mind) but I feel the audacity of hope plays a role. Everyday we place hope onto the things in our life that we do not have control over. That long overdue promotion, the shiny diamond studded watch behind the display glass, the probability of conception by a hopeful couple, the longing of love from someone so near and yet so far. Hope. A small word with a monumental effect on you and I.

Granted we all fall prey to hoping for things we cannot have. But on the other hand, we cannot do without hope for the emotions make us human. It gives us a beacon of light in an otherwise dark journey, it guides us to move on in times of despair and sometimes it serves as a lifeline for just a fleeting moment to gather our wits to face life’s challenges. So yes, one cannot do without hope.

What have you hoped for recently? Whatever it may be never, never ever lose the feeling. Drive the emotions and strive to achieve that dream. You may seem to merely live the moment but trust me, without the audacity of hope you will cease to become part of the world’s greatest asset, and that asset is humanity.

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One thought on “The Hope In Us All

  1. azlano,
    So interestingly it’s the word hope.
    Sometimes hopes is in association with a return or reward.
    Hope therefore conflicts with sincerity. Sometimes.,

    But hope is motivational factor that keeps the move makes and its nothing wrong with it. We need hope naturally and inspirationally.

    But the best hope is hope for the best.

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