Sometimes I feel motivation is a gift more than a personal drive coming from self initiation. It’s such a big word too.

Just the other day I was talking to one of my new designers and I asked why he wanted to join my team. It was a simple question but the answer I received was one of enlightenment. It was very humbling even.

He spoke of ‘coming home‘, he being here as ‘a great privilege‘, and wanting to ‘one day lead the team‘. I have to say it is not easy to express these sort of feelings with conviction and intensity. The human eyes, voice and expression tells it all.

It’s at that moment I felt such motivation to be more of a gift than anything else. It must be. Because there are not many out there who will feel that way and express it with such sincerity. I believe him. And I think he will achieve what he wants.


One thought on “Motivation

  1. azlano
    Gift is such a very very special word and gifted its unique by a person.
    ..its rather devotion than motivation. its a focus ,a love ,its piece of art that never beg for a reward.
    its you.

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