Finally Found My Dyson!


How many of you have used a Dyson? I first encountered this brand during my study years and have since followed its progress. Personally I find the inventor, James Dyson, to be not just an excellent designer & engineer but also an astute marketeer. Believe me when I say designs don’t just sell themselves without a certain amount of self selling in the process.

That said, from my own experience with a DC unit it really does impress. I vividly recall vacuuming my carpeted living room in my rented UK home and the amount of dust & debris it sucked up was unbelievable. I’ve continued using the unit here until recently when the motor broke down. So the million dollar question now is do I buy a new one or send my DC for repairs? Definitely something to ponder…


3 thoughts on “Finally Found My Dyson!

  1. Ooo… I think i saw it at empire shopping gallery d other day. Seems good though i think it’s pricey :p

    btw, nice mobile version of d blog :)))))

      1. If I’m being honest, I’ve never heard of Dyson all these while, but in recent weeks, I see them promoting heavily everywhere. Empire, Ikano, Mid Valley etc.

        Indeed, I guess in the long term, it’s a good buy, especially when their claims are not mere marketing hogwash. Consumers need to be wise, and the internet helps a lot.

        I’ve read articles of how most of the hyperbolic numbers thrown in with plasma/LCD/LED tv are mostly at best effort which means to say they give similar or negligible benefits for most of the normal usage. The article argues for most normal consumers, a cheap entry-level flat screen is sufficient. Unless you’re a pro gamer or… I dunno, James Cameron? lol

        In another article, the same can be said about HDMI cables. Some say they’re gold plated, injected with some gas to improve data transmission, etc, but as HDMI transmit digital data, a cheap USD3 cable works exactly as good as ones that could cost over a hundred USD.

        Btw, I’d recommend you to compare the cost between buying a brand new and repairing. Since it won’t “lose suction”, an old one should still be as powerful as a new one, so spend wisely 😉

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