Anticipating The Apple iPad

I was walking about The Gardens and Mid Valley Megamall over the weekend, frantically looking for Moleskin notebooks and a sports armband for my Nexus One (for them days when I actually have time to run). In the process I visited a handful of shops selling iPod accessories which I reckon would have something compatible with my phone. Whilst I was browsing I couldn’t help but notice the amount if iPad accessories already available on the shelves. To think, the gadget hasn’t even launched in Malaysia yet!

I guess it’s only a matter of time before Maxis officially brings it in. But retailers are already stocking up with everything iPad to ensure they ride the wave from the onset. Interest on the iPad has, afterall, reached fever pitch since its launch in the US. 2 million units I’m as many months. Heck, it even beat the iPhone in terms of sales generated within the first 2 months of release.

It should be interesting to see if the iPad can replicate it’s worldwide success here in Malaysia.


3 thoughts on “Anticipating The Apple iPad

    1. Froyo is so much better than the previous version. Unfortunately it’s only for the Google phone for now…

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