Over A Month With The Google Phone (Nexus One)

It’s been a solid few weeks now since I’ve used the Nexus One as my primary communication device. Thus far I’ve brought it around Malaysia and roamed over to Europe with it too. Pretty soon I could be testing the unit over in North America as well.

Truth be told it is a very convenient device to use everyday. Android works quite seamlessly & intuitively as it switches between service providers, WiFi networks and data services. Signal reception, however, isn’t impressive. That’s a common trait of concealed antennas I guess. But ten folds better than the E90 for sure.

Communication capabilities are top notch here but you need to have data services active all the time. It’s true what they say, the Google phone really shines when it’s connected to the Web. Right now I use this unit extensively (almost religiously in some aspects!) for emails; both corporate & web based, social networking (Facebook, Twitter), location services (Gowalla, Foursquare), instant messaging (Gtalk, Fring) and blogging (WordPress). The beauty of open source platforms is the huge library of apps available to users. Obviously Android doesn’t have as many as Apple’s App Store but it’s getting there and the latest reports it is gaining market share at a phenomenal speed. I also use my Nexus One for creative photography (Photoshop, fxCamera) and multimedia too (Zimly, Music Junk) so I can indulge in my hobby & interests wherever I am. I can also attest that news gathering (push news?) is greatly enhanced by the many Widgets you can download which ticker the most up-to-date data/information to your personalized screen. Remember, you can personalize 5 home screens to match your lifestyle where all your shortcuts, Widgets and links are displayed for quick access.

In spite of the sluggish, lesser-than-expected sales success and over hyped marketing leading to the soon-to-happen revamp of the Google Phone business model (from web based sales & support to service provider linked) I stand firmly in my opinion that this is one of the better phones available in the market. It has very unique features (like built-in voice recognition/search for almost EVERYTHING) and exceptionally well built too. I feel people are hesitant to get one primarily because of the lack of support & subsidy from carriers. A worthy alternative if I may recommend is the HTC Desire which is basically the same phone and will be launched in Malaysia soon. I had a look at a unit today and personally I find it’s a little less refined than the Nexus One (sounds biased I know!).

So if you’re in the market for a new integrated communications device, do your benchmarking well and have a feel before committing. I am more than pleased with the Nexus One but that doesn’t mean the other offerings (HTC Desire, iPhone 4G, Motorola Droid) are not as good. It comes to what you want from technology, brand and quality. Choose well and it’ll last you a good few years.


2 thoughts on “Over A Month With The Google Phone (Nexus One)

  1. DESIRE HAS A NEW NAM- o wait.

    Don’t mind sharing details on how you came to acquire it? I have a fren who got a Nexus One at Low Yat for RM2,500, which is very steep šŸ˜¦

    I’m aiming for the HTC Desire, which is literally Nexus’ twin sister šŸ™‚ It’s finally going to be out this 27th May, can’t wait to see details, and packages that’ll be offered by telcos šŸ˜€

    1. tokmoh -> actually i kinda accidentally came across it whilst looking for a replacement phone. fyi i’ve checked out the Desire last week and it is remarkably similar to the Nexus One. a bit heavier though…

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