My Long Absence

Dear readers,
Firstly allow me to apologize for not updating this blog as regularly as before. It has happened but I think this is one of the longer ‘silent modes’ where I’ve not been updating really meaningful entries (by meaningful I mean those relating to design and cars). I also know there are a lot of you out there who want to hear about the going on’s with Proton Design…

A lot has happened during the run up to Geneva and even more so after that big event. Even now, a good 2 months after, I’m still reeling from the effect of ‘managing’ that trip. Having said that I am content with what we have achieved and the thought of what’s coming is certainly very exciting indeed.

Work aside, the past 2 months have given me a new perspective on life and how we all have full control on how to make it the best it can be. Really. This realization has lead me to review my priorities and aggregate what’s important vs what’s not. So far things are falling into place but the reality is that it will take time.

On a lighter note, I was reading an interview the other day about whether captains of companies (CEOs, MDs) should gravitate themselves to social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare. Very interesting indeed as it illustrates the importance of participating in what will inevitably be the future of communication, marketing & sales. Captains of industries take heed or else it will be your undoing! On my part, I need to also put my online presence into perspective and review the amount of actual time & material I generate. Honestly, there have been comments by certain quarters that I’ve been overzealous in in writing, especially on material concerning Proton. You know, comments such as that make me think twice about the term ‘freedom of speech’ and ‘digital age’. In essence there is nothing to stop the flow of information in the Web but whether people understand that is another story. Earlier I wrote about how companies should embrace social networking and proliferate it to their advantage; the thing is how many are actually willing to do that. More importantly do they even want to understand it? Therefore, I think you can tell now how these reflections have inhibited my writings of late. It’s such a fine line which I’m treading. Sometimes it doesn’t seem worth it.

So, rather than bore you with my rants I’d better sign off for now! Actually I have many things to share; on my first month using the Android powered Google Nexus One (awesome!), on my upcoming contribution to Thinklab’s blog and future seminars, on my recent invitation to be a panel member for the Malaysian design education syllabus review, my thoughts on design & brand association, my views on social networking vis-a-vis corporate work cultures, and many more topics that come my way every single day.

Catch me if you can.


6 thoughts on “My Long Absence

  1. Hi Azlan

    By anticipating with the social media I guess the gap between Proton and other global car makers become narrower. It’s not about the latest technology or the best package of cars you have but the same also must be stressed on the social media.

    I run my blog for about 11 months now and subscribing to almost every car makers’ media page and what I can say is that not only Proton is left behind in terms of ‘digital reach’ but the same goes to other local car assembler/distributor.

    I would like to suggest for Proton to have Bahasa Malaysia page and I believe this would be greatest gift to the nation on Proton’s 25th birthday. And to have in other local language where Proton sells car. Hey, did you know that Ferrari have selection of Italian [of course], English, Japanese and recently in Chinese in its website?

    And Azlan, I think you know that your blog is also followed by students. So I guess you are not only helping your media department in generating interest of Proton cars which I think they should thanking you but helping students in providing them input as well.

    To those who thinks what you are doing is jeopardizing Proton imo they should think again or at least take a look at what Proton’s competitors are doing.

    Love to read from you, more.

    1. Mak Uia -> Your thoughts and suggestions are very much appreciated. Social media interaction and digital/online presence is something Proton is working on to further bolster its brand. Some initiatives are already under way whilst others will be more obvious in time.

    2. proton also can used 3rd party blog to help them to give some information or news if they want, but give them some credit, at least sponsored their blog…if proton want, i will help them but in a win-win situation la..hehehe.. 😉

  2. azlano,
    its is very true that to us azlano is a man behind proton, me and people are very excited about our national car, impatient of whats to come.
    but the industry have its business plan and strategy which they cant easily let it publicized of course.
    i believe, many here are car related fans, beside proton, we can still discuss on car designs from others, design evolution, trends and style in general at any brand-names or car designers,,unlimited and neutral in every way.

    but still we can directly discuss on proton as a review of the past and current on the road model design in a positive mode.

    nearest appearance form proton is tiger themed, ,,,excited

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