The Default Nibblet

What’s that? I’m actually referring to the ephemerial Malaysian ‘delicacy’ whenever there’s a meeting or social get together. Yes folks, the ‘karipap’ (or curry puff) we all know and love!

I’m writing about this for no particular reason either than to entertain the perpetual question as to why we love this food so much. Some fundamental questions lie unanswered…

Is it a cake?
Is it really a delicacy?
Why is it always the default food served during meetings?
Who invented it anyway?!

There you have it peeps, some of the burning unanswered questions we’ve been asking ourselves for as long as we can remember. Honestly I do not have the answers and that’s not the purpose of this writing.

But if YOU have an inkling or thoughts on this seemingly trivial matter then do comment for I wish to know!


2 thoughts on “The Default Nibblet

  1. There is another… all the way in south america.
    and they’re even bigger than ours!..they sell it as though they were hotdogs stand in the US.
    As seen on disovery channel travel & living.

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