Honestly speaking I’ve been to Geneva for the annual Motor Show quite a few times. I am familiar with the exhibition area, the city and the personal nature of the most significant auto show of the year.

But this year is different. For the first time I am part of the exhibiting team, which essentially means I get to arrive on the show floor days before the event proper. For the first time also I am attending the Press Day not as a ‘researcher’ but as part of a team presenting a World Premier.

The Proton Senior Mgmt with Giugiaro Snr and Jr.

There was a great sense of trepidation from the Proton team I’m sure, but safe to say everything went as planned. To me Geneva is always about personal connections between the who’s who of this industry. It’s about walking the floor and meeting people whilst at the same time analysing the displays on show. So, it was natural the EMAS taking lots of visit from friends of Italdesign and Proton. Some notable visitors were Nissan’s Shiro Nakamura, ex-BMW’s Chris Bangle, Lotus’ Donato Coco, Formula 1’s Jean Alessi,  the legendary Ferdinand Piëch and many others.

But it was great to have Proton’s Advisor, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, join this historic moment. His presence alone generated such a buzz and put an unmeasurable amount of emphasis on the significance of the event. He is such a fascinating man to watch; he doesn’t speak much but when he does it resonates to the core. Also he one of 80+ years old which makes his efforts to participate and walk the floor all the more amazing. But lest not forget Tun Siti Hasmah for standing by and being the perfect lady. I watch her stature and come to the conclusion that she must have an incredible amount of patience and control amidst all the attention towards her husband. Like Tun Mahathir I’m sure she too has a lot energy and enthusiasm towards what’s important for Malaysia.

Proton’s Director of Engineering, Tn. Hj. Tajul, joined with Lotus engineers to explain the REEV hybrid powertrain installed in the EMAS.

All in all the show was a great opportunity for Proton and it was not to be passed. Everyone delivered what they were supposed to do and the responses have been beyond our expectations. Interest have been great, and now expectations are even greater. I personally believe Proton’s global ambitions are well on its way and more importantly we can stand tall amongst the greats in this industry. In the past I have many times mentioned that and that there should be no fear of us being any lesser than the stalwarts of the design fraternity; especially in design and styling.

Proton Design is now one step closer to cement its presence in the world design scene.

Me fielding questions from the media on the show floor.
Me fielding questions from the media on the show floor.
The ultimate backstage pass...
The ultimate backstage pass…


10 thoughts on “Proton EMAS in Geneva Motor Show 2010

  1. bagi sesiapa yg tau pasal function2 dalaman proton Emas ini kongsikan info2 anda di sini…. http://prodas.wordpress.com/ banyak persoalan yg tak terjawab dan kepada sesiapa yg tau info2 function tersebut boleh lh kita kongsi sama2 di blog ini atau blog prodas…

  2. Congrats Mr Azlan!

    I don’t know what to say, I am speechless!

    The Honda City like chrome steel attached at the logo a.k.a wau or sarung keris has evolved well & looks sweet!

    [My only comment so far is that the Emas Country fascia looks like a smug face from YM icon – you can delete this comment if you don’t want to].


  3. superb n syabas to the design team n proton! i hope this will be a yearly event for proton to showcase its design and tech/idea! 😀

    so how long does it take to create such design n prototype like this sir?

  4. bro, i watch u on Buletin Utama just now..can u share with us, what inpired Proton Design & ItalDesign to create the new Proton face & design language? not just the exterior, the interior also showcase the new design language for future Proton model soon.. 😉

  5. although its ID, but i will be more proud to have a ‘designo Azlano’ badge, because azlano’s design is fine careful and tidy.

    with a pinch of quirkiness, and honest dynamism. its make it uniquely beautiful. like supermodel ,those little quirk makes them supermodels.

    then, with the establishment of face of proton corporate image, i think, the proton car lineup is as good audi, vw or other renowned makes.

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