Rekabentuk Malaysia 2010

It’s been a while since I’ve really updated this blog and I do apologize to my readers. As described in my last post, it’s been a mad few weeks, far from my usual routine. A blend of personal and work events gives me little time to write.

But fester not for I wish to share with you about my recent experience judging Rekabentuk Malaysia 2010. It’s my second year running and I feel it’s a rewarding experience. More than just an experience actually. I feel great being able to play a bigger role in the Malaysian design scene and giving back to society.

Anyhoo, back to Rekabentuk Malaysia 2010. There are 3 categories every year; primary school, secondary school and professionals. One thing that amazes me is that ideas from the primary school kids are always the most eccentric and to some extend, the most creative!  They can come out with the most outrageous ideas… But the sad thing is that as you move up the categories somehow ideas get filtered so much till it loses its ‘intensity’. Could it be because of our education system?

I’ve made it known before that I’m not too agreeable at our current school syllabus and approach to holistic education. I think there’s much to be done to inculcate creativity. And this is evident if you take part in this sort of events where you actually see the results of what’s being taught in schools.

What I gather from Rekabentuk Malaysia is that the general standard of design (from whatever field of study) is declining. This is evident in the quality of entries as well as the ideas generated. And not to mention the presentation quality. And this worries me till no end. How is Malaysia to be a modern, industrialised nation when the creative impulse is waning? How are we to thrive in an ever changing economy when we are not compelled to think out of the box? Shouldn’t creativity drive passion?

Honestly I do not have a sure-fire solution on how to solve such a complex problem. All I can recommend is that the education system needs to be revamped AND industries to be more involved in cultivating the grass roots. Both parties need to work hand in hand to ensure the government takes heed of this need so that in time we can see a marked improvement. 3 parties for one vision. The vision to be a renowned centre of excellence in design  for this region is probably not too modest a target, don’t you think?


12 thoughts on “Rekabentuk Malaysia 2010

  1. azlano,
    i think malaysia to free allowing some wild ides of thinking the possibility of imposibilities. many scholar trying to show their knowledge by trying as much to condemn thing by showing fact and numbers to contradict with some idea presented, not giving support of of how one idea to be workable. while art and design has its role part feeding some psychological need that people might not realised actually.

    somehow design by means its a problem solving. it does involve fact and calculation and efficiency.

    the word design also means someting new. that hasnt been seen and attemp before. it need something beyond naked eyes or beyond imagination and it could be something fantastic or just came from a single WORD that describe the whole new theme of making.

    i would say malaysian should be supportive to ideas. in what ever level we might found. this sometime has to be tought, and to go even from some other part of the world simply to inspire. most importantly the need and a will to change for modern practicility and simplistic elegence.

  2. IMO Malaysian designers are on par with other international designers, but do the local market can read their language?

    The only arts that massively being appreciated by many is the daily things that we watch on tv. Excessive entertainments etc

    Btw Gen.2’s old interior [minus the quality] is the most creative interior I’ve ever seen and market rejects it.

  3. in response to this, justa my personal opinion,
    if we are talking about architecture for instance, modernization of architecture began in germany, the focus more on industrial product, functional, practicles, simplicity, and the elegance comes after. its in the early 20th century. so modernization ,industrialization, can easily relevant with simplicity where it can also be elegant.

    this thought is somewhat reflect the way how the germans in designing cars. audi is the one to see. simple and elegance is actually modern.

    i would like to make some comparison, compact car between audi A1 and honda CRZ.
    people who are into transformer, jet fighters, japs hightech illusion, certainly will go for CRZ. people who are sophiscated in mind, understand some history and evolution might look for A1,

    just a tought. my tought

  4. I personally feels that we Malaysians have a strong opposite reaction towards something that looked odd and out of the norm (to their eyes) where we have been to used to common design elements in our life. When new ideas is expressed with great revision or completely new from the normality, people will begin to think and say, “What is this?”, “It looked weird”, “Nonsense and unfashionable”, etc. It takes a little to long to accept such unique design direction before it becomes a common sight.

  5. azlan,
    i am wondering, who designed those add-on kits on the persona facelift? why in the world the rear add-on skirting design doesn’t match the rest of the kit?

    p/s: im not a basher, in fact, im a proton fan.

      1. people might paint it black to give that effect, camp.
        but i belive proton have so many wonderful ideas and style, not to mention azlano himself. as a chief designer, for economic reason in order to utilise the existing bumper rather than redesign the whole bumper is quite an investment. add on kit is cheaper i guess. but yes there is so many way in forming the kit at the most desirable look where there are various way of doing it. unlike the satria neo cps which undergone a special make over for special reason.
        anyway proton persona also a car to my admiration. i wish that proton could resolve the inside front door panel so that it wont take so much side space just to accomodate the inside door handle and power switches does annoy our knee as it lean on it.
        and i do hope, proton cars will have leather wrapped steering wheel eventhough its a B-line model, this will enhance the feel, as we call it design by touch..

        im still and always excited with proton, to hear the turbos, the new models, techs, facelifts, its all that makes proton cheerful product.

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