Apple iPad

And so it begins. The rush for the aptly named iPad has begun and I think it’ll be a hit in no time. But having gone through the specifications I think early adopters will lose out in 6-12 months from buying  this initial version.

This first edition of the multifunction iPad is really quite basic and from my point of view there’s so much more it can do. I believe Apple is holding back on a lot of features and functions whilst it captures the eager first buyers.

The design of this device is as expected; strong similarities with most of Apple’s range of products denotes a consistent styling cue to create a strong identifiable corporate image. The iPad’s functions are so very similar to the iPod Touch and iPhone that existing users will feel at home right form the start. Interestingly Apple has developed a custom designed chip to power the device; dubbed the A4 chip it seems Apple is ever more intent to control its products and intellectual property. I guess it’s only natural since with the huge cash reserves and market capitalization they have their management will certainly want to monopolize their market. This market control measure will ensure their uniqueness and stability in an extremely competitive low cost computing market. Netbook createurs take note!

I’m very interested with this product but in my opinion it’s not the time yet to own one. I see huge potential not only at a personal computing level but also in a corporate environment.

Read more of the tech specs at and view the launch video below.


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