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Responding to bashers is like talking to a tree… absolutely and categorically pointless.

azlano 2.0


7 thoughts on “Quote Of The Day…

  1. don’t worry, deep inside their heart, they do see that Proton is improving. It’s their ego that keeps them away from accepting the fact. Azlan, responding to them in sense of talking maybe useless, but responding is sense of bringing the best of you( or PROTON in general) will slowly kills their ego. Slowly but surely.

  2. azlano,
    basher, they dont really know what with the malaysian car industry in depth, they are not in the industry, they are looking from far, making their own analysis without knowing fact and calculator, cause and consequences, potential and limitation, mission and projection, for a true real.
    making conclusion with some negative preset in mind . just having fun with some limited knowledge but act like they know everything.

  3. chaku : meh. They only want to see vios RM30k, altis RM50k, camry RM70k. Then only they say proud to be msian. the simpler solution is… why don’t they become a japanese?

    But I agree proton should response by working harder… overseas. I think proton should focus more on overseas market. It’s time for aggressive expansion!!

    Look at their sales at motor expo at thailand recently: http://www.motorexpo.co.th/2009/bestsell.php?sc=Summary&mode=asc

    proton is 6th bestseller!! they sold slightly more than nissan, n that’s in a “free and fair market”!! congrats n hope that proton can be no1!! 😀

    As proton expand overseas, gain better reputation, perhaps win awards, those bashers will still say “waste taxpayer’s money”. And still want their vios at RM30k.

    susahlah… msian ni… susah nak explain…

  4. tokmoh, those japanese wannabe die hard fans are hopeless..their can afford only Perodua cars and change the emblem to Toyota/Daihatsu & declare they own made in Japan cars..hahaha..always wanted cheap foreign cars esp. Japan’s car..if Proton doesn’t exist also we must pay high for the cars, that’s one of the goverment income..tu pun diorang xleh fikir ke…

    Proton is make a good move in Thailand..hopefully the success story will continue all around the world where people can buy Proton cars.. 🙂

    1. Aye~!

      As peyno always said, memalukan our country. The japanese are laughing at our japanese wanna-be.

      I remember the 1st satria neo R3 was bought by a japanese expat. Yeap, hommono nippon-jin. It shocked the hell out of me!! While msians busy criticising its RM70k price tag, lack of ABS, airbag, power window slalu rosak, blame mahathir, NAP, UMNO, AP, rafidah, compare to toyota supra, blabla… it was a foreigner that became its first customer. Not just any foreigner, but one that comes from a country that builds car worshipped like God by msians.

  5. it is not bashing that hurts, it is ignorance.

    recently, my lovely wife & i just went to langkawi for..u guess..honeymoon la 🙂

    upon arrival at mat sirat airport, we chose red colored mitsubishi colt for rm350 for 3days.
    heh..the most “hensem” car avaialable, not mentioning normal vios, altis, sentra, wira..
    i’m not regretting for renting that colt becoz it’s so scarce here in KL.
    it was honeymoon, why dun we try smthg different? 😛
    colt: auto tranny P R N D Ds L, crv-alike gear, with foot brake!

    driving in this car was fun: good handling although felt a bit heavy, continuous engine power (in Ds gear, is it D Sport or Overdrive off?).

    why didn’t i rent that savvy? damn..i should try that savvy in those curvy road to Datai.

    too many offtopic 😛

    1. my point is, although the price of car is relatively cheaper,
    i couldn’t find many new imported cars here in langkawi.
    why ah?

    2. on design, i find that the colt steering wheel was very pleasant to grip. texture.
    good back support seats. enough cabin lighting.
    but i found that the foldable rear seat was very hard to operate. or is it un-foldable? 😛
    hard to operate door locking mechanism.
    it’s not i’m bashing that car. just to tell, if proton happens to take this model as savvy-replacement, these points should be well taken care of 🙂

  6. thanks all for your comments and rants! Proton is certain to focus on exports from now on and Proton Design in particular will continue to try our very best in improving our brand and products. it will be a long journey but rest assured we will prevail.

    and i don’t need a ‘tree’ to tell me that… hehe.

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