Connections Make Anything Possible

Through my window – Bunkface

Is this cute or what?!


6 thoughts on “Connections Make Anything Possible

  1. Kawaii!!

    IIANM, it was Maxis that started making ads using paper whatdoyoucallit, to promote Opera browser on smartphones.

    But this TM ads is very nice. I hope their broadband service will improve as good as their ads lol

    1. sadly, i don’t think Streamyx will never improve unless they radically change their business model.

      can’t wait for Part 2 of this ad!

    1. Personally i don’t think there’s any ‘make or break’ for TM for as long as they stay protected. HSBB? A dream for now… The BB penetration for Malaysia is so poor because of the lack of support. This will in turn limit our effectiveness to attract those in the telco business.

      How many of us are conned with the term ‘Best Effort’ please raise your hands?

      1. News report in The Star have highlighted the increasing popularity of P1 wimax n mobile broadband by celcom, maxis n digi. The number of subscription for streamyx have dropped too. If things go the way it is right now, I wouldn’t be surprised if Streamyx can be defeated by its competitors in the near future. And remain at the bottom for a loooong time. Their reputation right now I think is even worse than Proton back in 2005.

        Low penetration… IMHO, is not really a case in urban areas like KL and developed parts of Selangor, Penang, and JB, but in kampung or orang asli area, it’s quite a challenge to convince them to part RM88/month for benefits that are hard to quantify…

        HSBB is said to be deployed by end of quarter 1 2010 at 4 initial areas: Bangsar, TTDI, Shah Alam n Subang Jaya. Their biggest problem is pricing: how to recoup RM11billion investment without overcharging. Anything above RM150/month I believe, can ‘break’ them. Priced too low, they might never recoup at all and end up being bailed out by the govt like what happened to most railway companies. Malaysians may not like slow BB speed, but I think they hate parting with their money even more.

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