Controversial Thoughts?

When I posted THIS a few weeks ago I never thought it would create such a hooha regarding design education in Malaysia and abroad. I owe the lively comments from readers such as campromania, jebat35, tokmoh and maruorsa/chaku. Hey, where have you guys been all this while? Relegating yourselves to ‘silent reader’ mode? ๐Ÿ™‚

Truly I appreciate the knowledge sharing and opinions which were posted. Some were controversial but most were purely honest thoughts from passionate people. Now I wish I can have a status board where you all can post your thoughts impromptu. Anyone knows how to do this?

Allow me to add to the debate… If any of you designers have the opportunity to go abroad PLEASE TAKE IT. Even if it’s for a short trip. Naturally it would be best to really spend time to feel the culture. Whenever I send my designers overseas I always tell them to embrace the culture and mindset. Not to blindly accept the peculiarities but more to analyze and experience.

My professor in university once told me ‘People can take all your material stuff but they can never take away your experience’. True no? Nothing can replace earned experience. It builds character and wisdom. So in your lifetime make sure you experience as much as you can (within acceptable boundaries of course!) AND never forget to share them!

jebat35 -> we have met before so i basically can read between the lines of your writing. although i admire your passion i tend to agree with maruorsa/chaku that you are still young and have much, much more to experience. take time to do that and you will have a great future!

campromania -> it’s true design is about personal passion but it has to be nurtured in the right environment. i’m happy to see you have found yours in your blog. it is nice to see your readers are actively complementing each other and improving your skills.

tokmoh -> you should sign up to be an evangelist of the local design scene… the last we ‘spoke’ you were still overseas. i do hope you’re ‘experiencing’ positive design vibes there!

maruorsa/chaku -> you’re still overseas as well right?

Here’s to more intellectual design discourses from all my readers!

Leonardo's machines exhibition
Leonardo's machines exhibition

11 thoughts on “Controversial Thoughts?

  1. azlan, i do check ur blog everyday(i know that this blog is not updated on daily basis), so keep on blogging. If we(blog readers) do not comment on ur blog entry, it doesn’t mean we are not interested. It may due to our lack of knowledge about the topic of the entry, so we just watch and learn. Keeping silent is somewhat better than rambling about something not related to the topic. Or at least that is what i think appropriate.

    yes im still in ukraine, medic course is taking forever, 5+years here and yet i still have 2 years to go.

    p/s:just call me chaku

  2. i’m back bro..i’m totally agree with u, if i have the opportunity to go abroad to learn other culture, i go for it..i can get a lot of experience to improve myself..their mindset especially European are totally different, they describe or judge something with their facts or figures, not like some people in Malaysia, just blindly bashing without any facts or figures & sometimes too emotional..

    the more experience you get, the more wisdom u are..because u know & learn what is good to make something much better right!!

    thank you for your support bro, i hope u drop by & give some comments or shares some ideas to my blog soon.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. azlano,

    ”Proton’s got some cool designs coming out! Hehe… ”
    *wink2* 23 hours ago’

    aha, can we have the clue…please,

  4. azlano,
    I presume, to be at the other world civilisation is such a precious opportunity.
    seeing, touching, smelling, experiencing, could bring a next height of appreciation and perspective.
    some part of the world may have leave us far, but their past principle has still been highly regarded, its a guidence or too much to say its a rule in moving foward, its renaissance,

    with its dicipline, order and balance – something that made is sustainably beauty

  5. bro, just to share my idea, why not proton car logo emblem/badge made from glow in dark effect material instead of chrome effect..i think the logo will look cool & outstanding if u park the car at night.. ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. Well, as the saying goes, “don’t judge a book by its cover”, or rather in this case, “don’t judge a person by his university” lol.

    I gotta owe it to my exposure into many cultural portrayals in many medias (Japanese dorama, British shows, American TV serial etc) and quite fortunate to have been able to visit places like London (I am soooooo in love with Singapore Airlines’ Airbus A380 hehe!!). IMHO, I believe a country’s strength is determined by its people trust in their ability. I think the Japanese n Koreans epitomises this theory well. Through thick and thin, they just rely on their faith in their own capability and eventually enough, they made it!!

    I’ve read articles on how they are the closest market in the world. Officially, they may be ‘free and fair’, but the reality is they are very protectionist. It’s just that the ‘protectionism’ isn’t done by the govt, but by the consumers.

    That confidence in our own ability is lacking. Sad to say, generally, most of our people are too impatient or selfish. Or both.

    Like I said, it’s pointless if we have overseas education only to be mediocre or worse still, do NOT come back to serve the nation. They’ll give all kinds of excuses like “pay is better”, “car price very cheap”, “corruption”, blabla. They may try to hide it by saying “to gain experience”, but end up applying PR in those countries.


    1. i’ve yet to experience the A380… soon i hope!

      some of your points are definitely valid. bak kata pepatah melayu “jauh perjalanan, luas permandangan”. therefore the more you experience the more realistic your view of this world will be.

  7. I went there with MAS’s B747-400 (a legendary plane that I love too!!), and went back with SIA’s A380-800. The plane is awesome, I kept thinking “cepatlah 2011… cepatlah 2011… cepatlah 2011…” which is MAS’s turn to receive their A380-800 ๐Ÿ˜€

    Service-wise, both have its strength, I can’t really tell which is more superior (though international awards have been favouring MAS, yeaaa ๐Ÿ™‚ ). SIA offers much more variety of foods and drinks, but MAS keeps me full round the clock. The gap between meals in SIA is soooooo long, and being Malaysian, I got hungry lol!! I had to call the cabin crew for drinks n snacks (crackers with cheese and peanuts), which they attended to quickly.

    “more realistic view of this world”, you hit the bullseye!! Experience in other coutries is important, but if it’s not transferred back to home country, it only strengthens the strong and weakens the weak. The rich, will get richer, while the poor becomes poorer.

    But things have been pretty good here. We won SEVEN World Travel’s Award recently, isn’t that heart-warming? ๐Ÿ˜‰

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