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Back in early August I made 2 posts: ‘thinklab Conference @ National Art Gallery’ and ‘A historic event to remember’ in tribute to a design event organized by thinklab. Throughout the event a lot of photos and videos were taken and I’m grateful an excerpt of my presentation is being published online as part of the thinklab initiative.

“In today’s challenging environment, it is clear the functions and disciplines of old will have to change. Adaptation to new technologies and methods should now not only be of interest, it is a must. Design is one of the disciplines which need to evolve itself at a surgical level and this is due to the nature of the business, which is best described as trend ownership. Designers of today must adapt to new ways of working and also in new ways of thinking. Design plays a critical role in the current economic climate and Designers need to prepare themselves for the future. This is ‘The Next’ as we move towards design sustainability and innovation.”

Azlan Othman

To read the full blog post please refer to this link: Thinklab Designer Series : Part 3 / Azlan Othman

My sincere thanks go out to all the folks at thinklab for all the support and hardwork. Your efforts are indeed appreciated by the design fraternity. Keep it up!


3 thoughts on “Featured In thinklab Blog

  1. I agree with u “good design will sell even better”..look like something KIA has done it right now, so i would like to see a new design language for future Proton models soon, starting from new Persona fl or new Waja..A very good presentation from you, only 2 minutes ke bro?

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