Greetings from one of the fashion capital of the world! It’s the Milan Fashion Week and everything is a buzz. I unique experience to brush shoulders with the who’s who of the industry and see the best of fashion. Mamma mia!

Next to a row of a Fiat 500 street installation in Milan.
Next to a row of a Fiat 500 street installation in Milan.

8 thoughts on “Milano

  1. woa?… is it full scale? i love Italian design style… hopefully proton do “celup” our next designer to there… *off topic, since i’ll get the proton’s scholar, is it still relevant to continuing study at local uni? i wish to give much more to proton but i’m worried cause the “thing” is not more here… i didn’t mean local u is not good enough, but i think u’ll know when the class became “sardin” and we were facing-off “lack of nutrition”… so, i don’t want go to proton with nothing… hope, proton know where they suppose to “celup” their next generation if their really2 want “buatan malaysia” accept by worldwide…

    1. it is 1:1 scale. wrt your *off topic* suggestions, pls don’t undermine our local art/design quality. i personally am proud to be locally educated. it doesn’t matter where you get your education because that’s only a temporary passport to get to do what you think you want. ultimately it’s the person i.e. YOU that makes or breaks your career.

      trust me, “buatan Malaysia” is already accepted worldwide. it’s just that most Malaysian’s find it too unbelievable. and maybe almost impossible to happen. but in reality, it already happened years ago.

      1. sorry for my bad comment… i did not mean to undermine our local art institution… ,also proud to study at the malaysian’s best art school… but here, i’m just pretty sad because my diploma school is far-far better than degree…

        i saluted to my diploma lec who always success to trained skillful student.. but how sad when they can’t perform well at their degree… this not refer to a person, but a group of student… not to blame the lec, but…. maybe what the media talking about our syllabus have the truth… you can dig for the proof.

        i know this is sensitive issue, but believe,my dean and other lec, always suggest to scholars student to study outside there… then, perodua have done diz for many years. they pick talented student then sent to abroad…

        last, sory for being rude… im juz share my opinion, that to show how i am try be prepared for my next career…i try looking forward to proton’s vision.. and wish to become specialist in specific area like en. wak and mr.damian have done..

  2. jebat35, i’m agree with Azlano..i’m also locally educated, same place with azlano (he’s my super duper senior)..we’re on the same faculty, but different course..i think a lot of locally educated talent working with giant companies around the’s up to you..the only person who will make you successful is yourself..good luck..

    azlano, most of malaysian’s is too sceptical with our product..

    1. agreed with all above, but just wanna add a little to answered what i mean before…

      1) honda, nissan, toyota and much more gigantic car manufacture have their another r&d group included designer (centre & europe)
      2) Chris Bangle (Germanic but graduated at CCA, Pasadena,US)
      3) after 40 years, Kia hired Peter Schreyer (ex-Audi & ex-VW designer)
      4) Giorgetto Giugiaro was design for almost car manufacturer

      thanks for our pm who want our product is totally “buatan malaysia” so, there always have a place to us. but to be a reality? not to mean we should have outsider too, but at least, can designer get what engineer and other professional got too? hhmmm… last, i’m very2 sorry for the badness…

  3. jebat35 : “Hendak seribu daya, tak hendak seribu dalih.” If you want something, you will be able to come out with 1,000 excuses why your banker (ie your dad) should buy it for you. It works similarly the other way round.

    Just as there are local grads who came out well in their career, there are overseas grad who came out average in their career. What’s the point of having expensive overseas education then if it’s not utilised to its full capability?

    I know because I have friends who are studying in UK, and one of them tells me his disappointment with how quite a number of Malaysian students there behave ie narrow-minded. How can some people come to study in the UK, band together, tell each other to avoid befriending mat salleh on the basis that they support Jews’ act of killing Palestinians and simply because their culture allows their people to eat pork and drink alcoholic beverages? It is simply absurd. My friend is treated like an outcast simply because he doesn’t subscribe to this nonsense. University is a place to gain knowledge, not to become a religious fanatic.

    Meanwhile, this is just my speculation, but for all I know, there must’ve been quite a number of Malaysians who only have bad things to say about Proton about how its power window always rosak la, it is protected by govt la, cronyism la, etc. They might think it makes them look cool and ‘heroic’ because they dare to speak about the ‘wrongness’ of the current govt, but frankly, I think if I’m a British or an Australian listening to their tales, I’d think “what an ungrateful twat who have no sense of patriotism.”

  4. well jebat35, i assume that u are very young and rebelious.

    my advise: just go abroad if have the chance. but i don’t think it will ensure your will be better than local uni graduates. it’s always about our own will.

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