Sketchbook 2010 Sketching Demo

Click here -> Sketchbook 2010 Preview.

Ever wondered how designers do digital sketching? It’s an art in itself and funny as this may sound, I find there are not many who can do it well. I’ve done many demos myself and seen many people who try their very best but cannot do it! I think it has to do with ones hand-eye coordination ability.

I’ve been a long time user of Sketchbook Pro and this 2010 edition is a welcome improvement. It’s a lot more customizable now, a bit more technically precise and more friendly to Wacom users. I personally use a Tablet PC so some of the flexibilities are not new to me.

Click on the link above and you will see a time lapse video of a designer doing a quick sketch of a concept car. For your information this is something us designers in Proton do day in, day out. Like I said, it truly is an art.


12 thoughts on “Sketchbook 2010 Sketching Demo

  1. the demo is too fast la can i do those sketches without using Wacom, i think it is impossible to do by using mouse only.. 🙂

    1. fast? you can achieve similar sketch effect even without a Wacom but it will be very tedious. i’ve done renderings using Photoshop and a mouse (yes you read that right!) and i can get it to look photorealistic, albeit with a little bit more time.

    1. it is an art on its own! Sketchbook Pro is not a graphics editor. for that you need apps like Photoshop, etc. i use multiple apps to achieve effects i want… 😉

  2. A great demo. I’m a student from local uni in industrial design. May I ask you a question? Is about proton design or element of proton. Currently I’m doing a crossover SUV using proton as my brand identity. Choosing proton is because it has a great potential in this market. So I hope En. Azlano can give me some advices. Thank you.

    1. Soon, thanks for thinking about Proton for your project. SUV’s offer a great amount of flexibility and creativity for designers because of its niche qualities. It’s sporty and commanding stance with aggressive demeanour will allow designers to blend & mix many cues to achieve his/her design intent.

      1. Thanks for your reply. One confuse me is our in house design proton automobile is consider ‘young’ in automotive industries, I’m trying to bring out the identity or image of Proton, for example the grill and other parts but I fail to do that. Any advice for that? What is the identity of Proton? In term of styling, what do you think or in other words, what is the identity and uniqueness of Proton? For example, BMW, AUDI, M-Benz, has their strong identity on their front grill. Without the logo, we knew that it is an AUDI, BMW or Benz. Any advice for Proton? Thanks. Hopefully En. Azlano can help me by showing me some picture of proton. Actually there is many questions that make me curious after doing all the research about car/SUV. Again, sorry for troubling you, En. Azlano. Seeking for your advuces. Thanks.

    1. Thanks for your concern. For me, BMW X6 is a beautiful beast, but I’m more concern about the styling with a proton identity. Of course it can be a new Proton but it must have Proton identity on it. Just like you saw a BMW, without the logo and with the front grille, you know that is a BMW. I hope to archeive that in my proton SUV project. I hope when people look at the design and styling, they will automatically mention about Proton and that is a difficult part and I’m seeking advices form En. Azlano. Any advice for me, tokmoh? Anyway nice to meet you! 🙂

  3. For awhile, I thought it was wau bulan grille which can be considered Proton’s identity… quite noticable on Gen2, Satria Neo n Persona.

    In the mean time, it’s hard to tell proton’s design identity as they’re currently in a rehab mode ie getting back to basics n just focus on practicality n quality. Quite noticable on Exora’s interior which bashers like to say boring, outdated 80s design etc. But I don’t mind it cuz it seems practical n higher quality material.

    We can only know for sure proton’s design identity after Persona replacement in 2012.

    But I have to say, the X6 is a giant Gen2!! BMW copy Proton? lolz

    Looking sporty is important to be identified as proton. Better if it looks neat n understated. Like Satria Neo 🙂

    How about looking at Lotus APX concept as a guidance? After all, Lotus is Proton’s “child” hehe

    1. Thanks for you comment. A lot of good points you mentioned. I agree with you that proton is moving to improvement in term of quality and more practical. Hopefully we can getting closer to proton element in 2012. Already browse through APX crossover. It is a huge Gen… You are definately correct, Lotus is Proton’s child… lolz… I like the statement but I also hope we can have our own identity in the future. Keep in touch ya…

      Again, thank you very much.

      Malaysia Boleh

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