A Welcome Surprise

It is not everyday I get to meet readers of my blog in person. Most of the time the only interaction I get is through the comments posted on my entries (this of course doesn’t include my inner circle of friends at the office and around my life). Reading and responding to comments is fine but when a complete stranger suddenly acknowledges you out of the blue it really is a surreal experience.

I encountered this person in the most unusual way. It wasn’t on the street, at an social event or online. It was ironically in my work place under the most unassuming  fashion. He was there as a candidate shortlisted for Proton’s scholarship and low & behold, I was the interviewer!

I was taken aback when he said he reads my online rants. I was even more surprised about the incredibly high level of knowledge he has in car design.  Folks, this is a person who has yet to complete his degree. It’s true what they say, creativity and talent can come from the most surprising places.

Our conversations went from topic to topic and I’m ever so glad to have been enlightened by this person. If you are reading this then I wish you well and hope you achieve you dreams. I’m happy to know that I’m able to be an inspiration to you, in spite of never meeting you before this. Do be assured my team and I will be waiting to have you join us!

This is one encounter I will never forget and I do hope to meet more of you all in the future. 🙂


3 thoughts on “A Welcome Surprise

  1. Hey Azlan, I’ve been reading your blog for quite some time now as well and I’ve enjoyed the insights you’ve given in particular to the local automotive industry.

    While I know you don’t blog on behalf of Proton, somehow you end up giving Proton a human face where before it was just a faceless and inhuman corporation.

    I do hope I get to meet you one day and I promise not to be a weird stalker-type person!

    1. hey ted, thank you for your comments and more importantly for visiting! i’m happy to be able to share some of my thoughts & experiences. there are much, much more but for that you’ll have to wait for my book. 🙂

      hope to meet you too someday!

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