1Malaysia And Proton

1Malaysia :: Proton

Now here’s an interesting site (and I’m not just saying that because I work for Proton).  Called ‘3 Malaysians’ it’s basically Proton’s micro site in celebration of Malaysia’s 52nd Merdeka (independence day). A collection of 7 short films at 60 seconds each, they star the venerable Afdlin Shauki, the incomparable David Aramugam and the one and only Ho Yuhang.

The web presentation is pretty cool as are the films art direction. One can’t help but notice the similarities to Yasmin Ahmad’s cinematography cues being creatively executed here. I’m not complaining; they are entertaining and fresh. And coming from Proton this certainly is a step forward in illustrating creativity.

Have a look, I’m sure you’ll be entertained.


4 thoughts on “1Malaysia And Proton

  1. Well, I do think most of the late Yasmin Ahmad’s ads are longer than 60 seconds. If ever, the similarities between these two (YA’s and Proton’s ads) is how both try to incorporate good messages 🙂

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