Ramadhan For Everyone

As far as Ramadhan goes, to Muslims it is the time for reflection and repent with the aim of improving one’s devotion to Islam. It is a holy month where the nights are spent reaching out to God through prayers and grace.

Having said that, for individuals of other faiths it is also a time of significance. The reason are varied. I’m sure some find the few hours leading to the break of fast can be trying due to the massive jams. The rush to leave work early is becoming an annual affair whenever this month comes around. Pratically everywhere you go traffic gets really congested as people rush to get their food fix and go home before Maghrib. And I’m not only talking about Muslims! People from all walks of life, race & religious beliefs take time out to sample the delicious fairs available at the bazaars.

However you put it, Ramadhan is certainly a significant month for everyone. Everybody feels the impact of this month each year and I’m sure people also wait for it, enjoy it and will eventually feel its departure.

Ramadhan bazaar @ USJ Section 4 - Look at the crowd!
Ramadhan bazaar @ USJ Section 4 - Look at the crowd!

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