thinklab Conference @ National Art Gallery


That’s probably how I can best describe the event. I approached the session with trepidation in not knowing what to expect but after meeting with fellow speakers every notion of being ‘lost’ was quickly dispelled. It was a melting pot of creative individuals who wanted nothing more than to share and embrace change. The other speakers themselves were all impressive people with the most amazing insights into their specialized disciplines. Being amongst them made me feel energized and empowered. Empowered? Yes, that’s right. Empowered to change.

There was Arez Ezman with his insightful look into the trials and tribulations of being a freelance art director, Fariz Hanapiah & co of Motiofixo whose video creations are comical yet full of creativity, Muid Latif with his excellent feel for life expressed in words & colours, Ian Davies of ArcRadius on the philosophies of design and the psychology of being, and not forgetting the uber-cool Matthias Gelber who impressed everyone with his passion for going green and eloquent oratory skills.

I’ve participated in many talks, conferences and seminars all over the world but it’s not often during them to have so many creative people in one place just to discuss Design, even more so here in Malaysia. Granted this is a small start, but everything begins with a small step. I applaud and thank the efforts of the organizers, thinklab, spearheaded by Razif Nasruddin. I also wish them well and hope their future endeavors will be bigger & better.

Giving my talk
Giving my talk
Together with the other speakers during Q&A
Together with the other speakers during Q&A

All photo credits go to Seohun Tan.


3 thoughts on “thinklab Conference @ National Art Gallery

  1. azlano
    I wish I would have present as an observer, it must be such an enlightement listening to the talks. hopely it will be a playback for me to enjoy it.

  2. azlano
    there are environmentalist, artist and designer and i think engineers should take part in this meet as well.
    those are the art that works and tangible, its a combination of art and scince really. aesthetic and functional.

    this is the time to give engineers a new pespective.
    this is the time for designers to go for logical analysis.

    but i belive in creative part of the designers. come up with ideas and dream, to trigger a change.

    but forgeting, its further enhanced by context and policy.

    (Oops, what is it im talking..)

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