*: Thinklab’s 1st Mini Conference

*: Thinklab’s 1st Mini Conference: Final speakers lineup announce.

Do make a bee line for this Conference should you be interested in participating in an intellectual discourses on Design. I’ll be there to talk about how Proton is using Design to uplift the brand in times of industry consolidation and deconstruction.

It’ll be fun! 😉


2 thoughts on “*: Thinklab’s 1st Mini Conference

  1. azlano,
    its very good to discuss how proton moving foward with the situation right now. For me we have cars that is architecturally good design, its a beauty of simplicity. the spirit, style and functionalism within its package compromising either way at designated model.

    talking about moving foward with todays and the future ,the main issue is where we want to burn less but with greater or batter engine capability. this is the most crucial area where the engineer have to come up with solution, i am not an engineer but i got the sense where proton shoud put themself at the level of competitors where their goal is green ,not too readily to talk about electric, solar or micro car, but at least proton reaches the norm of todays other coventional engine therefore we burn less at the same time we got more with high capability.

    i think engineering department is fully responsible for this and prompt action to taken in catching up with the situation. this is also part of the effort to make our automotive industry moving foward ‘greener’ and favourable.

    1. azzlina -> interesting insight. indeed i will talk a bit about some of them items as they are the trend these days.

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