My N97 First Impression

This ‘mobile computer’ from Nokia seemed such a wonderful proposition last year. Unfortunately I’m not so sure about it anymore.

Nokia N97 white edition

There are some teething issues which I find quite unflattering having used it a few times. The response speed of the operating system is one of them. For the uninitiated, the N97 has both a touch screen and a QWERTY keyboard. The keyboard is quite tactile but I can’t say the same of the screen. Yes, it has some haptic response in the form of subtle vibrations but the letdown is the delay whenever you want to execute something. A swipe of the finger doesn’t offer consistent responses.

One other issue I have is regarding the placement of the top row on the keyboard. It suffers the same problems as the Sony Xperia i.e. it sits too close to the screen. Therefore my fingers tend to hit the rim and it does get annoying. But then again, perhaps my fingers are too chunky for it?

Software wise it is a bit limited. Granted it has Ovi but that online store still has a long way to go before having the plethora of productivity software it needs to be useful. It doesn’t have to go the way of the Apple AppStore (which I find has too many games) but more in tuned with business & education users.

And did you hear about the multiple firmware issues? If you own one of these phones make sure you upgrade to the latest to avoid potential hang ups and freezes.

One thing about the new Symbian OS is the dual capability between keyboard and screen. I find it a tad bit complicated because you will need to adapt to switching between screen and keyboard over and over again. I guess people do get used to it after a while but this annoyance it exacerbated by that slow response time.

Don’t get me wrong, this is a damn fine phone. I guess I just have high expectations! The build quality it great, that sliding feature is awesome, the screen resolution is exceptional. But unfortunately I’m not convinced it will give a totally fulfilling ownership experience. Not on my watch.


4 thoughts on “My N97 First Impression

    1. mohdjiman -> it really depends on what you want/need. basically this segment is divided between the Blackberry Bold, Nokia N97 and iPhone 3Gs. some people can’t live without a physical QWERTY keyboard. others have a fetish over Apple products!

      in my opinion, the 3Gs is a better buy in terms of the total package: iconic industrial design, superbly responsive OS and bountiful of apps.

    1. mohdjiman -> that’s right! you must subscribe to Unlimited Data Package to really use it effectively. same goes for iPhone.

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