Influenza Vaccine

Have you got your shot?


You know what’s interesting about this vaccine? It only works after 2 weeks of entering your system. Well, that’s not much help when you get injected a mere 24 hours before travel now is it?

Also there is no known cure yet for A(H1N1). This is a general influenza vaccine for B (H1N1) so you’ll probably be flu free for the next half year. That can’t be half bad. Hence my insistence to get the jab in spite of the 2 week thing.

The past few weeks have seen me travel to 4 countries and I’m hoping this jab is worth it. On the sidelines, I’ve noticed that people in Europe don’t seem to care much about the pandemic, especially compared to those in Japan, Korean and most of Asia. Me thinks it’s because of our past experience with SARS. Once bitten twice shy kinda thing…


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