I’ve Being Plagiarised!

Plagia-what? Look the word up in the dictionary-lah!

I came across a rather disturbing blog recently. Here’s the link: Wierd.

If you read through the profile you’ll see that some of the words are taken from my ‘About azlano’ page. Amazing! I don’t know if I should feel flattered or annoyed!

If the owner of that profile and blog is reading this, may I ask you reflect on the word ‘plagiarism’ and do some editing pronto. I mean, why does one have to resort to such acts?

Let me enlighten you why people should write their own blogs. Blogging is about having the freedom of free speech and finding an outlet for self expression. In essence, it’s about finding your own voice. Not copying others or trying to be someone you’re not. I must attest it’s not easy to do that so if you’re not up to it then just stop. Start again when you’ve committed yourself to this craft and all that it stands for.

On that same note, read ‘Blogging for Dummies’! It’ll shed some light on how to be an original blogger!


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