In The News

This article was published in Berita Harian yesterday. I have to say it was reproduced quite to the tune of the interview, which is a relief since reporters are known to either blow things out of proportions or misinterpret what you say.

Having said that, I do have one major gripe. And that is:-

I am not an engineer. Never will be (obviously since I’m not formally trained as one), and has no intentions of being one (with all due respects to my friends already beleaguered in that profession! Hehe). I guess this misinterpretation is due to the fact that the words Engineering Division exists somewhere on my business card (which I promptly handed over to him before the interview started). Me guess the reporter conveniently forgot even though I repeatedly mentioned that I’m part of the Creatives fraternity regardless of what’s written on my card.

Anyhoo, what’s done is done. Hope you found the article mildly entertaining! šŸ™‚

P/s: Here’s a link to the online version (courtesy of my friend Esther).

Berita Harian XY pullout dated 20th June 2009
Berita Harian XY pullout dated 20th June 2009


6 thoughts on “In The News

  1. hello mr.exora…i also wonder why they said u as engineer..i think, Head of Styling Department is your position..betul kan bro? anyway, i’m enjoy reading the article, but i want u to reveal more in this blog…hehehe…

  2. mohdjiman -> bluearghhh…
    KitKat -> thanks for the heads up!
    azzlina -> it’s a miscom.
    campromania -> reporters can be very one track…

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