My New Walkman

Sony wearable mp3 Walkman NWZ-W202
Sony wearable mp3 Walkman NWZ-W202

This is only my second Walkman, the first being a simple cassette and radio unit my late father gave to me during my university days. I still have that Walkman, it’s worn but still in working condition. This new set is also a gift. This time from wifey to celebrate my recent birthday. Safe to say she definitely knows what kind of gifts to get for me!

This new Walkman of mine is something else altogether. It’s one of those new MP3 units which is minute in size, can execute all the normal features like shuffle & skip PLUS a unique Sony feature called Zappin (to scan through songs quickly), and have 2GB of solid state storage. The earphones are open air so you have to be careful regarding the volume you’re listening to as it may intrude to the privacy of people around you.

One cool feature is the charging/USB stand provided. When you hook it up there’s a pulsating light from the centre to signal the charging and read/write status. Also included is a very practical cover for the headset for traveling purposes. Did I tell you the unit automatically shut off when you put them together? Kewl…

So far I’ve used up 1.5GB of memory to store just some of my all time favourite songs. I’m lovin’ this gadget! It allows me to listen to my favourite tunes as I move around very comfortably without having to deal with cables & wires. The sound is also very crisp with a comfortable amount of bass. 4.5 stars out of 5 in my book!


One thought on “My New Walkman

  1. cool design..looks like mantis head..bro, i read an article about you in berita harian xy today..they call u mr.exora..hehehe.. 🙂

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