I’m 36 years old today

I’m told it’s just another number and it doesn’t really mean anything. What’s important is what you do with your life to make that number worthwhile. Can’t get any more truer than that.

Personally I feel I’ve achieved a lot in my 36 years of existence. I’ve travelled the world over, experienced many cultures and had the pleasure to meet so very many people. I’ve seen so much of what this world has to offer and also have shared so much of what I’ve experienced. That’s the best part, sharing. Life is best lived in the comfort that others benefit from your efforts, big or small they may be.

36 years is merely a trickle and I can’t wait for what life has prepared for me in the coming years. I’m just scratching the surface of my abilities and I’m confident greater things are coming. But you know what is the numero uno best part of all this?…

It’s having a loving family, great friends who stick with you through thick and thin, and finding a passion for something which translates to my apparent calling in life.

Bring on the next 36!


5 thoughts on “36

  1. azlano,
    happy birthday,
    may your life blessed with prosper .

    and hope to see ‘design 2.0’ teasers on this site.

    ,,happy 36th.

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