Proton Exora Breaches Over 11,000 Bookings

Well what do you know! 11,000+ bookings and it hasn’t even been 8 weeks yet. This is quite a feat and a success story in its own right. I attribute this to the overwhelming value proposition which is compelling when you think about it. The package offered at that price range is irrefutable in terms of value. And with the current depressed market still in limbo this overwhelming support is even more significant to Proton.

For everyone’s info, the best selling Exora is undeniably the H-line. Like I said earlier, it’s all in the total value proposition. Exterior colour wise, it is expected to see the perenial safe colours take the bulk of the sale i.e. silver and black. I’m especially proud of the popularity of the brown! Coming in as the 3rd best selling colour is certainly a hugh tribute to the team for being able to identify popular trends. I recall initially it wasn’t well received during development but we pressed on. Good call team!

The Exora will go far in the coming months and years. Definitely worth the wait! I for one, can’t!


5 thoughts on “Proton Exora Breaches Over 11,000 Bookings

  1. congatulation to u, your team and proton..hopefully the turbo version will continue the success story..make it exclusive and value for money too..

    1. congratulations…
      En azlan, no more “wood texture” pls on the dashboard for upcoming exora… persona punya much2 better…

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