My Recent Personality Test

This isn’t the first time I’ve gone through this. My first was the MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) taken a few years back. In that test I think I was analysed as being ENTJ. Can’t quite remember. What I do remember is that my results we really, really strong towards my passion for design. I recall highlighting this to the lecturer and he said I’m one of the few people who gets extreme satisfaction from successes in my profession. Go figure!

Recently I took another test based on the Four Temperaments which is essentially based on ancient medical theory. The four elements are Sanguine, Phlegmatic, Choleric and Melancholy. I am analysed as being (drum roll) … a Phlegmatic Melancholy. What are the qualities of a Phleg-Mel you ask? It’s rather long so I’ll simplify it for you; basically I’m a structured person with no real interest of being the centre of attraction. Having said that, I am a borderline extrovert who finds strength in solitude. So there!

Cross referenced with my earlier MBTI I think the results are similar. Therefore in some ways I now know what kind of person I am and under which circumstances I should perform my best. Most importantly I will know how to control my inner being to better achieve my goals.

I encourage everyone to at least take a personality test once in their lifetime (preferably before you’re 30 years old!). They can be quite revealing if you open up to them and understand what they can do for you.


2 thoughts on “My Recent Personality Test

  1. Another ENTJ here too! What a coincidence coz I was reading the related topic before “terjatuh” into your blog.

    Some might say it’s a boring topic but to me it’s kinda fascinating, you know, just my curiousity.

  2. Im INTP. :), but got Extrovert adaptive sometime. huhu

    Yes.. like kitakat… MBTI is not a boring subject for me, it’s fantastic. Even more if you’re a businessman… Because it’s about ‘reading peoples’. Psyhco huh! :p

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