A Trip To The Dentist

So, when was the last time you had an appointment with a dentist? I reckon the answer would be ‘quite some time back’ or worse ‘a few years back!’. I think it’s safe to say visiting a dental clinic is not a regular thing for most of us. Maybe it’s the eerie swirl of the equipment or the surgical nature of the procedures. Or maybe it’s just us thinking the doctor might have a momentary lapse of focus and end up mutilating our innards!

I finally took time to have my teeth checked last Friday and it was something I certainly looked forward to. For as long as I can remember I have no fears about going to a dental clinic, in fact in a peculiar way I actually enjoy it. The procedures took about an hour and the effect is instantaneous. My teeth now feel like a million bucks!

I’m glad my doctor told me I have very strong teeth. This is, to him, due to an excess of fluoride in my enamel. Unfortunately, this can also be a bad thing. Apparently excess fluoride can actually discolour your teeth! WTH! And to fix it I will need to undergo a whitening procedure which will cost over RM1,500! Demmit…

So, no chance of that happening any time soon. Besides, it’s not that critical and what’s more important is that my teeth and gum’s are healthy i.e. no cavities nor gum deseases. I was however advised to visit him every 6 months. A wee bit excessive don’t you think?

Regardless, I’ve now had my scaling and polishing. Now’s the time to flaunt it!


3 thoughts on “A Trip To The Dentist

  1. hmmm…whitening the teeth is called crown…that’s what my doctor said to me last week…15 years not seeing dentist until last week…ouch ouch ouch!!!

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