I Miss ‘Remembering’ Sometimes

There are times when I have so much I want to write about. That normally happens when I’m walking around heading somewhere or when I’m in a (boring) meeting or (god forbid) when I’m driving after a long day at work. I can think of so many things to comment, express or just banter about.

And then they all disappear! Especially when at times such as this, when I’m staring at the computer screen and looking at my WordPress page. Can anyone tell me why?!

I do hope it’s not because I’m going senile and old. I’m way too young for that. Besides I’ve got so many juicy stories to tell! Hehe… Stories like <censored> 🙂

Later peeps!


7 thoughts on “I Miss ‘Remembering’ Sometimes

  1. i think u must write a note when u got the idea, just like reminder la..bro, what is the “censored”- stories? 🙂 sounds interesting..

  2. mohdjiman -> i think so too…
    campromania -> sometimes that’s possible but most of the time not applicable. and that censored bit? well, time will tell… hehe.

  3. Writer’s block? sometimes when I got the idea from somewhere else and then it just disappear when it comes to the flat screen, dang it!

  4. It’s like my boss said, “write a note so that you won’t forget things…” yeah right…yes, i put all the things in my notes but i always forget to look at it…a PDA or iPhone might help? hmm…

  5. KitKat -> it’s not writers block… i’ve got loads of material but can’t seem to get them in here fast enough!
    mohdjiman -> i keep all my draft notes in my E90. works fine if i have it at hand during the idea burst!

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