Blazing Heat

I’m meltinggg!… (spoken ala Homer Simpson).

Why is it so hot these day? The heat is sweltering in the afternoons and everywhere is dry & warm. Even at home when I switch on the air conditioning I can hardly feel the cool air (at 19 degrees). I’ve also noticed many times when even after showering I would just sit down doing nothing in particular but still beads of sweat will roll down my temples. Not kewl…

I’ve been told it’s because of the sun being parallel on the Equator so we’re kind of like ‘extra close’ to it. This will apparently last a few more months. MONTHS?! *fainted.

Okay, must keep in control. Must hydrate myself more frequently by drinking lots of water (and the inevitable visit to the loo). And avoid unnecessary outdoor activities.

Having said all that, all is not bad from this condition though. The days are clear more than usual, visibility is excellent. The nights tend to be clear too so one can see the stars in all its glory. Just 2 days ago the moon shone so big and bright it was amazing. Guess there’s a silver lining everywhere in God’s universe.


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