Laksa Sarawak In Subang Jaya

Laksa Sarawak in Subang Jaya? Laksa what?

For the uninitiated, this type of laksa is (to me) the best laksa on planet earth. I didn’t know of any good joints around here till I bumped into this little place. It’s basically a mobile unit so I’m assuming the owners also operate elsewhere. Have a go! It comes in 3 sizes; small, regular and special but I don’t see the point of having small. It’s really, REALLY small!

Okay, got to plan my next visit. This evening perhaps?

The mobile laksa shack!
The mobile laksa shack!
Delicious Sarawak laksa...
Delicious Sarawak laksa...

6 thoughts on “Laksa Sarawak In Subang Jaya

  1. lotusexora ->dats the way they’ve always been served! you can use a spoon & fork but that’s not authentic.

    tokmoh -> Radi Corner @ USJ 4.

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