Menawan Dunia – Badri Ibrahim

I think this is a fitting tune to unveil the Exora. In fact, I think  it can even be Proton’s song. The song we can use to express positive energy and pep up the staff every morning.

This link is courtesy of and it is the full studio version -> Menawan Dunia by Badri Ibrahim (Proton Exora Theme Song).

IMHO I still prefer the live version Badri belted out during the launch. Maybe it’s due to the excellent string support by Joanne Yeoh on violin. Breathtaking!


6 thoughts on “Menawan Dunia – Badri Ibrahim

  1. i think it should be proton theme song…i like the live’s sound so harmony with the violin played by Joanne Yeoh…

  2. azlano,
    menawan dunia, thats what i and everyone hope,
    architecturally proton has a good car, beautiful and solid.
    but to conqure the world. proton really need a good package, most crucial is the engine, it needs a very refine engine like what toyota and nissan have.

    its no compromise. campro have to be reviewed and revived to the best with concurrent technology.

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