Gosh,  it seems such a long time since we started conceptualizing the Proton’s first people mover. More so if we were to take into account the initial spark which started our foray into realizing Malaysia’s 1st homegrown MPV.  My involvement actually began from the first year I came to Proton over a decade ago.

As a company Proton has always wanted to contribute to society. And in all honesty we knew how the trend was moving and there was an anticipation towards people carriers being prevalent in our markets. But I guess being in a GLC there’s always ‘the bigger picture of national interest’ which inadvertently overshadowed everything else. This is normal and in some ways has helped us to steer away from global crisis’ (like the on going economic predicament the entire world economy is in). After many, many experimentation’s and feasibility studies the P6 project began in earnest in 2006.

The Exora is an expression of the people. It was from that simple idea that we came to create the shape that is Exora. This is not a car for the exclusive, it is not meant for a select few. Its design is appealing for people from all walks of life and most incredible is how the design is able to be adapted both upwards or downwards the customer demographic. That’s what’s called simplicity at its best. We could have done something avant garde but would our customers buy in the sudden shift in design philosophy? I think not. The irony is that the general populace always want more and more but in reality most probably will not be willing to pay for it. Rest assured, this Exora is affordable and rich in features.

The Exora both inside and out is modern and progressive. Its svelt lines and generous curves, like most cars today, is dynamic in nature and this is expressed in the total visual language. Inside, we’ve added cues which reflect the current home trends; warm hues coupled with soft, flowing forms. Tactile surfaces exemplified by the natural textures give the interior a positive ambiance towards the occupants. Technology we can feel.

From Proton Design’s point of view, the Exora is the next step in our transformation. For now, it is the last major design to be ‘safe’. It is, in retrospect, the start of a paradigm shift towards the reinvention of our DNA. The future is so very exciting as we move even further towards progressive modernity. This, ladies and gentlemen, is Styling 2.0.

To my team, I thank you for your dedication and perseverance. To our supporters we are indebted for your ability to see beyond the obvious and towards the the future. To our families, your understanding over the years is invaluable.

Hello Proton Exora! You will be amazed!

Early renderings
Design reviews...
Design reviews…
A preview during the 2008 Technology Week
A preview during the 2008 Technology Week

20 thoughts on “Proton Exora – My Story

  1. Congrats. a rite direction with the rite vision.
    Wishing for more amaxing works from u guys.
    Wont buy Exora yet. But i’ll get there soon.

    you said it .. it is styling 2.0
    i want to be there at 3.0!!!

  2. Hi,

    It’s good that I found your blog. Now I can stay updated on my ex-employer latest news. Btw I like Proton Exora’s design 🙂

  3. Congratulations Azlan!

    Don’t worry about the exterior, the design speaks well for the potential buyers and committed buyers!.

    We understand the language of it. Can’t wait for the next Proton’s language!


  4. Omedeitougozaimas
    Congrats Brother Azlano & your team. Hope to see more better designs and more innovative features in future Proton model.

  5. All -> Thank you all for your comments! For Proton Design, we have moved on. The future is now being rendered in our studio by our designers and the shift towards Styling 2.0 is well underway.

  6. good luck for proton design…nice exora prime concept, bling2 design aka pimp my ride…could u upload it here…

  7. congrats azlan! i like the concept ! i like the MPV ! Dato’ MD gave quite a touching and impressive introduction presentation (lots like apple by steve job ) .. i really hope and pray for proton’s team now to continue doing the best for the people …. and i like the price also =)) !!

  8. congrats..
    but why not proton sell the addon bumpers as an option?
    just like R3 one. Malaysian ‘car’lture is they love to mod their ride.

    For sale!, front bumper, side skirt and spoiler ‘Prime’ version for sale.

    That’s gonna give proton extra money what?

  9. Congratulations PROTON, and Congratulations AZLAN 🙂

    This is such a sweet posting, i loved the photos… very very REAL… exactly what goes on at the office right… 🙂

    And yes… I do see me in one of those pic heheheheheeh

  10. Tahniah!! Congratualtions!! Omedeto gozaimasu~!! A new baby is born 😀 😀 😀

    Agreed with n531081m, DSZ gave an amazing speech, even mentioning abt those time when Proton = p/w rosak ahaha!! Today, all hail Proton!! Proton banzai!!

    Exora… aku memang sangat terpegun, lol!! 😛 😀

  11. Congrats to u Azlan & the rest of Proton team, I like the prestige concept design a lot. Hope that Proton can make it into production model but maybe with 1.6cps turbo to make it suitable with the luxury theme.

    But now exora is already out there, I’m wondering what is next. Can share a bit with us ‘the future’ you’re talking about…..?

  12. azlano,
    i love to see it on the road, showing its character,

    if you dont mind can you give a little overview on the setting the course of the styling 2.0

  13. Styling 2.0, by that you mean Proton will go to the futuristic design theme. Right, azlano?

    It would be nice if Proton could come up with a concept version of their new model prior to production. Just like other makes always does. To get the initial feedback from the public of Proton’s new design language.

  14. azlano,
    exora yes its spacious and comfortable, the body propotion is more of the european in general, the line is simple but prominent, therefore it does look solid and strong.

    sitting on the driver seat like sitting on a full size luxury car, iterm of the leg room, view at the front, sitting bit high. feel airy than mercedes expensive car,

    the body panel is strong, trying to push with hand, its push back like spring.(i dont know how to put it in appropriate word or sentence) .

    people will quickly replace to sport spring and bigger alloy wheel for a serious fan club.


  15. Salam saudara Azlan.Pertama sekali saya ucap Tahniah di atas kelahiran Exora.

    Boleh tak berikan saya emel saudara kerana saya mempunyai beberapa maklumat yang saya rasa penting untuk pihak proton siasat dan ambil tindakan.


  16. the exora prime & prestige make me amazed….hope to see this version soon…with campro cps turbo inside, perhaps..

    kudos azlano n proton design team..

    i like the concept design of the future proton small car, i saw it on tv when the MD introduce the people who is behind the scene of exora development..nice to see u on tv bro…hope to meet u again soon..

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