Design In An Engineering Environment

Let me ask you, how appropriate is that? How proper is it that Creatives (that’s referring to people in the Arts & Design fraternity) be judged and evaluated by engineers? Don’t get me wrong I don’t have anything personal against my fellow engineers; lots of good have come to us from their ability to construct the things around us. But to inculcate creativity there needs to be freedom of expression, not cynical judgments.

To be able to do that one needs to have understanding of what Creatives are like, their way of thinking and the motivational factor which drives them. It’s not enough to leave them alone to their own devices. Only by understanding them will there be a reason to rally behind them. Why is this important? The reason is simple: Engineers and Creatives need to co-exist. That’s the only way to move towards an industrialized nation WITH culture. Proof of this need is already evident in the first world countries which have achieved industrialized status. There they are aware of the importance of Arts and Design as not simply a visual metaphor but more as a higher culture of refinement critical to the betterment of mankind. Sounds grand? Indeed it is. And it is as real as you reading the words in this blog.

Designers need to be free to dictate design without being judged by non-creatives. Only by doing so can we move from good to great. Only so can we set trends instead of following all the time.

Designers/stylists do not tell engineers what to do. Therefore there should be prefessional conduct for engineers (at whatever level) not to tell designers what they should or should not do. Nuff said.


8 thoughts on “Design In An Engineering Environment

  1. azlano,
    designer always associated with arts style and trend setting, much by the look or the appearence of the subject, yet not to forget the human need.
    designer come up with ideas, forms and philosophy yet within on the know and aware of the technology evolved.

    therefore the engineers come in to makes the dream tangible, fork out every will and calculations and its optimization. giving the best tolerance to suit the line and inspiration of the designer.

    in automotive world both have to give the best, the coachwork and powerplant, so that its in the best compsition for the best product.

    thats my opinion lah,

  2. Some of the engineering guys just did ‘what is easier’ for them to develope.

    That’s why many of the final product look so different from the concept car one!.

    and thats not included the ‘saving cost’ option yet. 😀

    Weh chaku… pegi bedah-bedah nuh.. huhu

  3. Me have no knowledge about design and no idea about engineering. But IMHO Designers should work along with the Engineers, this great combination will produce a beautiful and functional product at the same time.

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