T-minus 3 Days To D-Day

Let the frenzy begin. In a few days the Exora will break cover and we can talk freely about how it came about to where it is going. There’s gonna be a media frenzy but we’re ready for it. So far so good.

I’ll be at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre on Wednesday night. Gimme a holler if you see me okay!


7 thoughts on “T-minus 3 Days To D-Day

  1. if it’s possible…do you mind show us ur initial drawing of the exora…the earliest sketches…and the philosophy of the lines of the exora…

    if bmw refer some of the most prominent character line on their design as ‘bloodline’….maybe u have some term to describe ur philosophy line on the exora…

  2. yup, agree with maruorsa…u can show to us the making of exora from the beginning..

    2 more days to go…

    what is the official launch time bro?

  3. maruorsa -> i’m doing the blog entry now!
    mysticmind -> wait till tomorrow le…
    campromania -> after Isyak. there will be a LIVE crossover on TV from Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre…

  4. hurraaah!!!!!one of the most anticipated blog entry is bout to be posted!

    mysticmind->boss pon ade kat sini yer…

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