100,000+ Visitors From Planet Earth

Thank you.

When I started this blog back in 2007 never did I imagine it would last this long or have as many hits. If you are one of the regular readers then I’d like to express my sincere appreciation for your support and time taken to read my ramblings.

I have to attest it was never my aim to get regular readers everyday. I know a lot of blogs out there which have attained ludicrous amounts of hits in just a few months (and continue to do so) but not mine. At one point last year I was getting thousands of unique visitors every 24 hours but then I realised they were here for the wrong reason. So I shut my blog down for a month as I seek to reinvent my online presence minus the crowd. I’m not here for fame or fortune. I just wanted an outlet for my writing and platform to share my experiences. Waiting for my book might take too long!

All said and done, I do hope you’ve found some sort of ‘entertainment’ browsing through this blog. Betters still if you’ve managed to learn a thing or two through my writing! Do keep tuning in as I’ve got many more stories to tell!

Life is what we make of it.
Life is what we make of it.

5 thoughts on “100,000+ Visitors From Planet Earth

  1. azlano,
    congratulation, this blog is hype. it a bolg quite a center of attention for malaysian, and overseas as well,
    this is the blog where people feel very close to their auto designer especially although there are other aspect of interest in this blog that people can join. To me its more about the interelation of a man machine and style.

    i wonder the banner or the heading heading your page, its like a discussion of a group of designers talking over of their creation by looking at a reflection on a smooth 2 piece of metal next to each other or some part of car body.

    (thats my intepretation of the image up there)

    again azlano, congratulation!

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