Of Exora, Foreign Engagements & THE Launch

The past few weeks have been about entertaining. No, I don’t mean the happy hour kind where people go all high and doozy.  I’m talking about solid, work during weekends, all for our future kind of entertaining. I don’t really mind coz I know it’s for everyones best interest but when they happen back to back is when things kinda get heavy.

As most of you know, Proton’s latest baby will soon officially break cover. On my part the launch preparations are frentic and ever increasing. Media, gambit suppport, exhibition prep, etc are all happening in unison. I guess in some ways it is always exciting to be such an integral part of a car launch. I mean, how many people get to experience that right? So, I’m not gonna complain. Better busy than no work all day.

Of late I’ve also been meeting business associates from different cultures and backgrounds. We seem to have a common goal but only time will tell. But it’s always nice to meet new people and talk about how other people do business (and design of course). A lot of the emphasis is on the on going economic crisis. All things considered, I personally feel we really are nearing the bottom so the only way is up. A little good news for those concerned.

So there. More news soon when I can squeeze time out of my hectic schedule. Hang around ‘kay? 🙂


7 thoughts on “Of Exora, Foreign Engagements & THE Launch

  1. during the launch,will proton feature an exora with aesthetic enhancement?sure will. seems like a tradition to proton. The RED saga is damn nice….unfortunately the bodykit isnt available in the market…

  2. hopefully proton put everything right this time.I’m looking forward if proton are to come up with a SUV or a 4X4 within this year .

  3. i think proton design will make 2/3 exora concept car, maybe like kia soul concept…1 sporty design with fullbodykit, big rims, bucket seats n fully loaded with monsters speaker at the back..another 1 premium n luxury touch with full leather interior & sunroof…another 1 for active lifestyle concept with include roof rack n box, it will demonstrate exora full function …this just my prediction only la…hehehe…

  4. azlan.i bet you are damn busy now…less than a week to launch…goodluck.

    btw…i read somewhere,there will b a new version of iphone that comes with bluetooth.

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