There are a lot of us who use Facebook, MySpace, Friendster and other social networking site every single day to stay in touch with friends & acquaintances from all over this good Earth. A report from a Malaysian daily recently reported a good 1 million Malaysians use Facebook! Aside from sharing pictures, commenting on notes and playing the occasional game, I think the regulars really have a jolly good time posting their status. That simple act of telling your friends how you feel, what you’re doing or where you are is one of the reasons online sites rake in repeat visits. People are always intrigued by what others are doing or feeling, don’t you agree? And now not only can you read, you can also participate in those status’ by commenting and ‘liking’ them. Ah, the human condition!

And then there’s Twitter. Twit-what? Oh surely you’ve heard of Twitter,, tweeting, etc.? Imagine it as ‘status-central’. It’s basically a centre for all your friends status’ or shout outs. You can follow or be followed. After experiencing Facebook this seems extremely simple so it’s mind boggling that there are so many users of Twitter it’s a phenomenon by its own right. What I find strange it that there’s not too many users of the service here in Malaysia.

But if you are making the plunge may I suggest you have 2 apps at hand to proliferate your tweetering. TweetDeck is a simple program that resides in your hard drive and works inobtrusively. It features all the components you need to keep track of your tweets and manage them. Although still beta I didn’t have any problems running it. Another software you’ll need is TinyTwitter. Designed for the mobile person, it works on a variety of mobile platforms. I downloaded it into my Nokia E90 and it works quite well. You can run it at will or have it automatically update at selected intervals.

So, what’s your tweet today? πŸ˜‰


3 thoughts on “Twitterville

  1. Tweet! Tweet! I do most of my ‘tweeting’ at PacMee. It’s local and uses sms so less hassle… πŸ˜›

    P/S – I have to register for a wordpress acct to comment? I am a blogspotter! Haha!

  2. darlingelle -> i checked Pacmee, interesting! hmm… since you’ve registered now you can comment to your hearts content! hehe…
    thanks for dropping by!

  3. Actually register long time back but seldom log in only… WordPress means I kenot backlink to my blog ler… Haha!

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