Maxis iPhone

Click here -> Maxis iPhone

Yes, the much awaited tech device is finally in Malaysia. Officially that is. And it comes with a variety of packages to suit your every needs (or so it seems).

I’m not that impressed with the deals. As much as I’ve waited for this day I find the value proposition no longer enticing. Why? Competition! Some new telecommunication gadgets are coming (or have already arrived) which are more powerful and more interactive that the iPhone. One such gadget is the much anticipated Nokia EN97 (thanks Paul!)scheduled for a worldwide launch this summer. I’m rooting for this one.

Also, there’s the impending launch of iPhone version 2. If things go as they do, expect this new upgraded device to be showcased during a Mac event this June.

So, all things considered I will give this cool phone a miss this time round. Think of it as a missed opportunity from Apple and Maxis. They waited too long to launch this official version.


4 thoughts on “Maxis iPhone

  1. I dunno, somehow I feel I prefer clamshell design like the E90, not the N97’s sliding kind of keyboard… at least it can sit properly on a table like a mini notebook. I like to place it like that on the small area in front of my E39’s meter cluster and use Nokia Maps.

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