Dining @ Moxie

I chanced by this restaurant courtesy of a friend and it was upon his insistence that I made the trip there. Located in a rather secluded/quiet part of Plaza Damansara, Damansara Heights it’s fairly easy to find because the establishment faces the main road and the signage is quite prominent. I recommend you visit www.moxie.my for directions. You might be interested to know that Moxie is managed by the same people who brought you Cava in Bangsar.

This is a small & simple restaurant, cosy by my standards. I quite like the black & white colour scheme accented with deep red. And the ambient jazz sounds certainly add a touch of class to the environment. Definite a nice place for quiet dinners and private functions.

For starters the waiter recommended the Wild Forest Mushroom soup and for dinner I ordered the lobster thermidor and a premium centre cut 125g filet mignon (French for “dainty fillet”) with Creamed Asparagus on the side. Gosh, if ever there was a melt in your mouth experience, THAT slice of meat was it! Cooked medium rare, it was succulent and juicy at the same time. 6 stars out of 5 (!?). Ending my treat was something called Marquise de Moxie which essentially is a layered chocolate mousse, flourless cake, coffee crème Chantilly, candied walnuts, toasted almonds and french meringue. Nice but a bit sweet. The icing on the cake wasn’t really the food but was the friendliness of the restaurant Manager and Chef. From out chats there seems to be a genuine concern about how the food tasted and whether there were any improvements we wanted to recommend to them (the Chef’s name is Ray by the way).

I suggest you drop by their website to see what’s on the menu and learn more about what Moxie stands for. Personally I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this place for all it has to offer. Looking forward to my next visit!


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