Economy In Crisis

I was walking around the One Utama shopping mall today. Wasn’t really looking for anything, just wanted to catch a movie since it’s been a while since I was at the cinema. Oddly enough the only ‘interesting’ flick was Geng – Pengembaraan Bermula… and it was like 3 odd hours before show time. With time to kill I did what any self respecting shopper would do; people watch and loiter!

As I walked around I noticed a lot of shops I used to pass by or frequent not there anymore. In their place are empty, white boards with ‘For Lease’ signs signaling the closure of business. Even big names like Marks & Spencer are not spared. In some instances the shops are still open but their brand (and signage) has changed e.g. Luxaflex is now Hunter Douglas. It’s kinda sad when these big names leave the area because it somehow the value of the entire establishment is affected. To me this is as real as it gets on how the economic crisis is affecting us all.

Businesses around us is a simple indicator of the economys health. Right now things aren’t looking too sweet in spite of the fact that Malaysians are known as having one of the worlds biggest savings pool. The irony, it may seem, is that saving isn’t what the economy needs right now.


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